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We are the leader in disposable hygiene products on the Polish market. We combine skillfully twenty-five years of owners experience with the dynamics of action of young team. Our products are sold under the registered trademarks: KUCHCIK®, CLARINA®, PIKNIK®, POLPAK®.

Thanks to diversified production, we can offer a wide range of articles tailored "to measure" and corresponding to the individual needs of each customer.

AKU's final recipients are not only independent Polish distributors, but also the international trading networks, where we supply mainly the goods designated by their own brands, so-called "private label".

High quality and competitive prices cause that nearly 30% of production is exported, mainly to EU countries, but also in such distant places as Algeria, Morocco and Israel.

AKU is entirely Polish company, 100% based on the Polish capital, idea and work. Our goal is constant and systematic development of business, primarily in the further expansion of the production base and the introduction of new, innovative products.

We focus on long-term cooperation with our customers - we know that we can achieve our goals only with them.



1990 - foundation of AKU SC

1992 - beginning of the production of paper stationery articles

1994 - transformation into Sp. z o.o (Co. Ltd.)

1996 - purchase of a first machine for foil packaging 

1997 - purchase of equipment for the production of paper bags

1998 - purchase of the property at 33 D Gdanska Street, Tczew

2000 - beginning of the production of cloths and scourers

2004 - beginning of the production of a wide range of rolling shutters products: paper towels, toilet paper, paper wipers

2005 - start of production of folding towels type "Z" and folding paper napkins

2008 - launch of a modern line for lamination of paper - production of glued laminated towels, sheets in rolls

2010 - new production line for packaging films, with automatic packing into boxes

2011 - commencement the line for the production of baking sleeve from PET film

2012 - new production hall in Zajączkowo (near Tczew), purchase of production line for packaging the paper without core

2013 - commissioning of the line for the lamination of polyurethane foam for production of scouring sponges 

2013 - beginning of the production of garbage bags "USZATKI®"

2014 - a new line for the production of folding napkins 1/4 and 1/8, and napkins for dispensers

2015 - the new labeling machine for towels. Now, the label is imposed without the use of glue, which makes that label is not wrinkled, is smooth.

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