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AKU is headquartered in Tczew, county town situated 25 km south of Gdansk. Getting to us is very simple: We are located right off the main transit route - No. 91 (details on the map). There are offices and storage halls.

The production plant

AKU manufacturing facility is located in Zajączkowo, near Tczew, exactly 3.5 km from the headquarters. There are also offices directly related with the production, among others Purchasing Department and Quality Control Department.

Company data

AKU Sp. z o. o.
ul. Gdańska 33 D, 83-110 Tczew, Poland

tel. +48 58 563 06 42
fax +48 58 782 44 59
Sales: ext 34 or +48 58 531 57 12



KRS 0000046097
NIP PL5830018693
Regon 190387075  



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